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Cavities are the rotten part of your teeth. Cavities can be known in a kind of ways, depending on how severe the damage is in the mouth. Usually, the symptoms are not visible until the damaged area becomes larger. The symptoms that arise, among others:

1. Sensitive Teeth:
This pain can be mild or more severe and occurs when you eat or drink very hot or cold food.

2. Holes in the Teeth
If you have cavities, you may be able to see the holes in the damaged tooth.

3. Toothache
A toothache may be a mild or severe pain. Pain is felt when you bite something.

4. Stain
Dark stain that looks brown or black on the teeth could be another sign of tooth decay.

5. X-ray
Usually, you can not recognize the signs of cavities, such as the presence of pain or holes. Only use x-rays when in the dentist can detect it.

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