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Nowadays, you can get various excellent business training these days. The most recommended one is the 90 day year program, it could help you to improve your business skills. Usually, We’re talking about how to develop our business, how to expand it, but now, let’s talk the opposite way. We’re talking about how to destroy our own business. The first tip you need to do in order to destroy your own business is easily satisfied by the current result of your business. You become stagnant and don’t want to set a new target for next year business plan while your competitors just build their own from scratch and sacrifice each ounce of their sweat and blood to compete with you. This way, you don’t have to wait for 5 years until your business fades away, even in the next year your business will start to become sluggish.

The second tip that you need to do if you want to destroy your business is by trying to satisfy all of your clients by 100%. Remember that haters gonna hate. There always be some folks that will complain and criticize your business. Even a big company that has more than 100 years experience like the coca-cola still have some people who complained. Such as the people who suffer diabetes, obesity, and much more. However, the coca-cola still have many satisfied customers and its “always coca-cola”.

The third tip of the day is that you and your company don’t want to change anymore. These days people have start to use social media and email marketing for their promotion. While you’re still too old-fashioned and keep refusing to use the new ways. Your competitors have reached hundred thousands of people attention via social media while you still just rely on the newspaper ads that maybe just less than 1000 people who read it daily, and it doesn’t mean they’ve read your ads in the newspaper!

So, what you’ve just learned this time? If you want your business to develop, starts to do the opposite from the 3 tips above. Don’t become stagnant and always ready to set and reach a new target each year, try to have more satisfied customers than the complained ones but don’t try to reach 100% satisfaction from them! You can also start to try new marketing and promotion techniques that popular these day in order to reach the new target each year. Stay smart, be creative, and always prepare to face the changes in the business world!