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More about the author Direct mail is a message that you send to a customer email list where email is a message containing offers or promotions. Direct mail can be in the form of a text-only or can jugadalam HTML form that contains multimedia messages in the form of interest. More about the author Quite a lot of online businesses are mistaken in using direct mail to their customers to send offers / promotions with a barrage so impressed the email message containing SPAM. The wrong approach (SPAM) to customers or potential customers can be bad, for example, customers or prospective customers will remove us from the list of email addresses White List them or Unsubscribe.

More about the author Retention emails are emails that we send to existing customers to stay connected with our business, it is crucial for all kinds of businesses. More about the author The contents of the email message retention usually aim to maintain good relations between employers and their customers, this is one of the different ways to offer our products to customers. By doing so, we will be much easier to market new products or services to customers with a unique approach. For More about the author entrepreneurs who market their products or services online and wish to continue to maintain good relationships with their customers.