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Statistically, it has been stated that the UK is still one of the countries chosen by a lot of people to be the country they dream of. That is actually not surprising as the land on which Stonehenge was built has a lot of charms other countries do not have and these charms will be discussed below. English test for citizenship UK

Tea or coffee? When reading that question, if what pops in your head as your answer is tea than you are indeed one of the British enthusiasts who have been enchanted by one of the charms of the UK. If anyone who has identified themselves as a British enthusiast is asked with that question, they will automatically choose tea without thinking.

Everyone in the UK has been famous for having an eternal love for tea. Since the 18th century, the UK has been reported as one of the countries which have the largest numbers of consumers of tea in the world. From strong and bitter black tea, sweet tea with milk and sugar to hundreds of other flavors of tea, the British will have them all. So if you are already a lover for tea even before get infected by the charms of the Brit, then moving to the UK and living there for the rest of your live will be the right choice.

However, the love for tea you have is not enough to make you actually move to that paradise of tea. There are actual necessities you need to fulfill as the requirements to live in the UK. One of them is the skills and abilities of English language. You are demanded to have the English skills and abilities on a specific level assigned by the UK government, which is the B1 level, to be approved as one of its immigrants. So book a B1 English test and be ready to move to the country of your dream.