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A theology institution can not free itself from the evaluation in general and the quality test just because it has a purpose and specific character of special education. In this context, we will discuss things that related to the quality of theological education in the basic dimensions of quality. If you want to learn and be a Master of Divinity (MDIV), you can visit our website.

The main measure of a theological education is someone, who is mastery and expertise in running their education. In other words, someone who has been educated in theology should be considered to have the ability and skills to master the Word of God, biblical truth, as well as the basic doctrines and theological knowledge to practice theology properly. Besides, he also must have the basic skills to master the general knowledge in general education and humanities. There is no doubt that each institution has its own peculiarities theology. Even so, a person who graduated from seminary should be trusted to have sufficient expertise in exploring Scripture and theological reflection. Someone mastery of knowledge and its use indicates the quality level of education possessed.

Therefore, someone who has the knowledge and expertise of the basic theology, although can not be called a theologian, must still be viewed as a person who knows theology and has a desire to attain faith and theological truth. He must present himself as someone who is educated and cultured with a good appearance in public, and be able to demonstrate the hermeneutics ability, exposition in preaching and thinking theologically. At least that is what is demanded by the general public towards a graduate from theology school. Like a car that became a transportation, a seminary graduate must declare themselves to the church as a waiter with competence in pastoral care and leadership.