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Need a new windshield? You can check our merchandise at There are many ways to maintain the clarity of your windshield. There are some ways that could help you save money, but it could also waste your time. There are also the opposite ways that are expensive but faster and more efficient. It’s up to you to choose which method to clean your windshield. Now, we’d like to share some info with you about how to prevent fungus, scratches, and blurs on your windshield

1. Wash your windshield each time after you drive your car. If you don’t have the time, at least you can clean it with a smooth duster. 2. Do not use a detergent to wash your windshield. Not only that it has an abrasive nature, it will also cause the lights from the opposite direction to dazzle. This could be dangerous when you drive. 3. Avoid using a washing fluid that contains the palm oil, due to its oil nature, the dust will stick to it and will become difficult to clean. 4. Do not park your car under the direct sunlight. This way, the dust on your windshield won’t have a chemical reaction that could become the fungus.